I’ve started a podcast

Chamomile Conversations host

You’ve read that correctly, I’ve finally launched my podcast, Chamomile Conversations.  The podcast that spills the tea on how Women of Color entrepreneurs quit their 9-5s to become full-time entrepreneurs and build dope profitable businesses. So if you were wondering where I’ve been since my last post in July or what I’ve been up to… well, this was it.  Ok I’m lying *smile*, It only took me 6 weeks to create my podcast and I started in November and went live in December.  However, this podcast has been an idea of mine since 2016. 

So allow me to share with you a few things that led me to create my podcast and what you can expect from my podcast as a listener.  But before we jump right in, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify  & Google Podcast. Don’t forget to leave a rating / review.  

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this with you all but I used to operate my own branding and marketing business nearly 5 years ago. I primarily helped bootstrapping entrepreneurs properly position themselves in their industry by using free to low cost resources. Although this business was my side hustle, it helped to supplement 20% of my annual salary. I was still working a full-time job and on my way into the office I would listen to podcasts.  My commute was about 45 minutes so it gave me enough time to listen to lengthy interviews featuring branding and marketing coaches and strategists. For the most part they were really good but I struggled with connecting with many of the guests featured.  Basically, I didn’t come across many people that looked like me or experienced what I had before and while I was running my business.  Therefore it made it hard for me to connect with how they were able to transition to becoming a successful full time entrepreneur. 

Lightbulb! That’s when the idea for this podcast came. 

Fast forward 5 years and I’m now interviewing women of color entrepreneurs to share the real story behind why they quit their full time jobs.  The cool thing about this podcast is that with the help of voice actors and sound effects, I will reenact the moments that lead up to when my guest quit their job. So if my guest shares with me that she flipped over her supervisor’s desk on the day she quit, you’re going to hear those sounds effects in the reenactment. Or if my guest said they bought coffee every morning on the way to work, then I’ll make sure to reenact a scene that includes footsteps approaching a coffee shop, a door opening, a barista to greet her…. you get the gist.

I’d like to also point out the type of businesses my guests have launched.  One guest worked over 10+ in the telecommunications industry and decided to pivot and open her own boutique nail salon.  Another guest resigned from her administrative position at a prestigious university to build a self-care inspired candle company in the middle of a pandemic! The third guest I’ve interviewed quit her career in retail to build her own coffee company, and the list goes on.

My hope for this podcast is to reach someone who is on the cusp of leaving their full-time job who can draw inspiration from the stories of my guest and take the leap of a lifetime to become a full-time entrepreneur. So if you, or someone you know, are interested in hearing the stories of badass women of color bosses, please share this podcast with them.  We’re just getting started.