I celebrated National Rosé Day with a Vegan Donut!

June 12th is National Rosé Day and while most were debating over what brand of Rosé wine to purchase to celebrate this day, I was gassing up my car for the 53-mile ride into Baltimore to pick up my pre-order of Raspberry Rosé donuts from the best vegan donut shop this side of the Mason Dixon line – Cloudy Donuts. 

Located in the Lauraville section of Baltimore just a stone’s throw away from my alma mater, Morgan State University, Cloudy Donuts has quickly grown to become a local favorite within the vegan and non-vegan community. Quick heads up, if you plan to visit, leave your scale at the door and forget tracking this on your calorie intake app. Consider this your cheat meal… I guarantee it will be worth it. 

Choosing which donuts to try may be difficult for a newbie as you may become overwhelmed with their many choices. To remedy this, each weekend they’ll post their available flavors on their Instagram page. If you’ve never experienced one of these flavorful donuts you need to know that their flavors are anything but common. You won’t find the traditional jelly donut here. Instead, you’ll be met with flavors like: 

  • Blood Orange
  • Blackberry Mint Mojito
  • Mango Chile Lime
  • Piña Colada
  • Raspberry Rosé
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Sugarberry
  • Lemon Poppy
  • Cotton Candy

To see a full list of their 30+ flavors, check out the highlight section of their Instagram page. I’ve tried some of these flavors and others in the past but I’ve never tried their Raspberry Rosé flavor but I could tell by their pictures that it would be worth the trip! So even in the height of cicada season, (If you know, you know) I risked it all and drove to Baltimore to secure the bag…well, the box. 

Once home, my family and I began to pick and choose the donuts we wanted to try and Raspberry Lemonade quickly became a house favorite. Its flavor hits you with a burst of citrus followed by a tangy sweetness that encourages you to take a second and third bite. I of course wanted to try the Raspberry Rosé next but I saved that for last as my family and I tried the Blackberry Mint Mojito. OMG…. this flavor is absolutely amazing. The mint provides a fresh and cool sensation while the raspberry provides a sweet and tart finish. 

Blackberry Mint Mojito & Raspberry Rosé

Finally, after trying the other flavors I prepared my taste buds to try the Raspberry Rosé. This flavor infuses Raspberry Rosé in its glaze and comes with a pipette of Rosé wine and like the other flavors, this one did not disappoint! The dehydrated raspberry toppings were the perfect addition to this donut but the pipette of wine was the showstopper. I drizzled a little over the glaze and pipped the rest inside the donut itself. Needless to say, I’m going to pay for all these calories next week in my extreme hip hop step aerobics class but I’ll worry about that later. 

If you’re in the Baltimore area, or just outside of it and don’t mind the short trip, check out Cloudy Donuts. They often sell out during the weekend so it would be best to pre-order especially if you’re driving a good distance to get there. If you do check it out, let me know what flavors you’ve tried or plan to try and I’ll add it to my list when I visit again.

~With Love, Meek