Add regular volunteering to your New Year’s Resolution

I don’t quite remember how I came across The Neighborhood Well’s (TNW) Instagram page but I am so happy I did. Unlike other posts/pages I don’t immediately recognize when scrolling through my feed, I actually stopped to learn more about their story and their objective. And you know what? I was (and still am) completely blown away by their extreme acts of selfless service. Allow me to introduce you to the mission of TNW and share with you what I experienced when I volunteered to help provide mobile showers to an unhoused community in the DMV. 

As taken directly from their website, The Neighborhood Well “TNW” seeks to meet the immediate needs of the homeless and unstably housed communities in our neighborhoods while creating a pipeline to other organizations and resources that enable those in need to achieve stability and long-term self-sufficiency. The way the TNW is able to do this is by providing free mobile showers to the homeless. Twice a month, they host a mobile shower program in partnership with the First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville, where homeless members of the community are able to receive up to 15 minutes of private cleansing and grooming time. Similar to your average hotel, the mobile showers are equipped with cleansing essentials such as soap, shampoo and conditioner for those who need it. It’s a small gesture but it provides a massive blessing to those that do not get to experience this common luxury often. Shower recipients are also able to receive snacks, hot beverages, hot soup, submit prayer requests and engage in meaningful conversation with volunteers after completing their shower.

Fully on board with this mission, I decided to volunteer and quickly reviewed my options to serve. Their outreach calendar had several available slots open including, hygiene items distributor, digital media volunteer, hospitality, set-up crew, tear-down crew, and street outreach. Since I already had a pretty full day ahead, I decided to sign up for the earliest time slot available, 7:00 a.m. and joined the set-up crew. My duties involved loading carts of needed items from the church storage and transporting them to their lower leveled parking lot. Once there, I assisted with staging several tents, setting up tables, organizing hygiene items on each table accordingly, and sorting through donated items such as clothing and hand warmers. There were other volunteers on site that were working on their assigned task as well.

Although my commitment was only for an hour, I decided to stay an additional 30 minutes to assist where needed. During this time I witnessed the vice president of TNW, Jazmin, performing last-minute water pressure and temperature checks on each shower. Another awesome gesture to ensure comfortability for our expected guests. Camille, executive secretary, offered me the opportunity to take a short tour of the showers and then led all volunteers in group prayer just minutes before kick-off. The team really went out of their way to make all volunteers feel welcomed whether this was your first time volunteering or your tenth! They even provided each of us with orange smocks and name tags. I only wished I was able to stay longer but I’m planning to make this a monthly occurrence in 2022 so I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity soon. 

If you are interested in serving TNW, there are many ways to do so! Please visit their website to find out the various ways you can offer your support.

Until Next Time

~With Love, Meek

Six of my favorite women owned businesses to patron during Women’s History Month and always

Helllllllllllo March! This month always reminds me that spring is just around the corner even if the current weather doesn’t feel like it. It’s a positive reminder that after months of being cooped up in the house, we’re finally going to be able to spend more time outdoors! Well… you know…. After we get this pandemic under control.

But there’s something else special about this month.  It’s the time we spend honoring and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history – better known as, Women’s History Month! This year, I’m choosing to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting Black women entrepreneurs, and what better way to do this than to feature six of my favorite black girl magic businesses! Spoiler alert, all six are represented in the image above!

First up is, Oh My Nails, a boutique nail salon located in Owings Mills, Maryland. The services are provided by licensed master pedicurist, Melanie Eggleston who specializes in nail health, not just aesthetics. The salon is private so you’re able to receive 1:1 attention without distractions from other patrons or technicians. Melanie offers several specialized pedicures but during my recent visit, I chose the diamonds and pearls pedicure. This service included a glass of rosé, a gold plated foot soaking basin filled with faux gems and pearls, and various scrubs and lotions speckled with gold flakes. I’m going, to be honest – It was the hints of gold everywhere for me! I legit walked out of there with new feet. So if you’re in the DMV, be sure to book an appointment at The OMN Shop

Next up we have The Garden Jewelry Store. If you’re looking for statement earrings, you’ve come to the right place. I have a growing collection of yarn earrings from several different small businesses, however, the first pair I’ve ever bought was from here. Their yarn earrings range in length so whether you’re looking for a show stopper or something a bit more discreet, I’m sure they’ll have what you’re looking for. In addition to yarn earrings, they do offer other earrings designed to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Check them out!

Ok, so this feature is going to be a two-for-one special…hahaha. It’s where coffee and creativity collide. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re well aware of my subtle coffee addiction and how much I enjoy supporting one of my favorite brands, Boss Blend Coffee Co. I pass these single-serve pour-over packets out like stocking stuffers to my friends and family I swear! Well, I wanted a cute insulated coffee container to carry around when I’m running errands and sipping on the go but I wanted it to be something that supported this brand as well. I reached out to Made with magic crafts and provided the lead designer, Jessica, with my idea, and viola! This dope on brand insulated coffee cup was birth. I’m going to carry this with me everywhere, so if you see me extra caffeinated, walking fast, or doing laps around a thrift store somewhere…just mind ya business.

Now over to clothing. As someone who thrifts 75% of her clothing, it’s not often that I purchase apparel online. However, when I do, I make sure it’s from a small business like Hug Life’s Esty shop which is owned and operated by Justa_MDgirl. T-shirts and hoodies are staples in my closet so when she released the ‘To Do’ list hoodie, I quickly snagged one for myself. I also purchased the ‘Bad vibes don’t go with my outfit’ T-shirt which I plan to pair with a blazer, jeans, and heels at an upcoming photoshoot. Check out the other items she offers and let me know which is your favorite.

Last but certainly not least is my barber / natural hairstylist, Natalyn Obey, owner and operator of Natural Curl Junkie. My hair has always been a challenge for me. My thick tight coils and sensitive scalp have always required extra attention. For me, wash day felt more like wash days and no matter how much conditioner I used I could always bet on seeing a clump of balled up hair in my wide tooth comb afterward. I knew I needed to see a professional because my DIY protective pandemic hairstyles were likely hurting my hair more than it was supposed to help it. I was too excited when Natalyn squeezed me in with a last-minute appointment to not only provide consultation on my scalp issues but to take the reins and give my hair the attention it desperately needed.

When I tell you she is the natural hair whisperer, I tell you no lie. She had my hair well behaved like a child in church during benediction! I was almost sad to see 25% of it fall to the floor when she began shaving but I quickly got over that once she began to install my butterfly locs.  What I love about Natalyn is that she’s a one-stop-shop for natural hair care.  She’s dedicated to the care and growth of your hair and provides you with a natural hair profile & analysis during your consultation.  My analysis included a regiment, a style guide, and suggested products to use tailored to my condition.  If your hairstylist isn’t doing this, you need a new one – Period! Do yourself a favor and check her out. She’s mobile so if you’re unable to travel to her, she’ll travel to you.

There are so many more women-owned businesses that I support frequently, I wished I could list them all! Maybe I’ll do part two in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, gives these ladies a follow and tell them I sent you…they just might hook you up with a discount *wink*.

~ With Love, Meek

But there’s something else special about this month.  It’s the time we spend honoring and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history – better known as, Women’s History Month! This year, I’m choosing to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting Black women entrepreneurs, and what better way to do this than to feature some of my favorite black girl magic busines

Bob Ross’n it up while quarantined

It’s show time!

Screaming in my Cardi B voice, “Coronavirus, $#!^ is getting real!” If you haven’t seen this video of Cardi sharing her fears with her fans over the continuous spreading of COVID-19, then you need to ASAP its hilarious.
So how ‘real’ is this threat? So real, that the governor of this great state of Maryland along with the superintendent have agreed to close all public schools for two weeks. Yes, two whole freaking weeks. If you’re a working parent like myself then one of two thoughts just ran through your mind. Either one, who’s going to watch my child(ren) while I’m at work? Or two, my child(ren) are about to eat everything in sight! Am I right? It’s a well known fact that no one can empty out a refrigerator faster than kids on spring break or summer vacation. I truly believe they are petitioning to turn snacking into an olympic sport! Seriously, the thought of having my son home 24/7 for two weeks is enough to scare my tubes tied! Don’t get me wrong I love my stinker dinker to pieces but at his age, nothing is ever enough except time spent sleeping. Not food, not play-time, not… a… thing.

So here I am. Working remotely for two weeks while also trying to figure out how I’ll entertain an eight year old so that he doesn’t eat our family out of house and home in just 72 hours. Thankfully, his awesome teacher sent him home with tons of homework and we also have access to educational online platforms but these are the ‘just okay’ activities. I’m looking for something fun and creative for us both to do (and even daddy if we can trick him into it, LOL) and that’s when I remembered my DIY paint night kit.

See, a few months back I had purchased canvases, acrylic paint and brushes because I wanted my husband and I to enjoy a quiet paint night / date night at home. Well life happens and we have both been so busy that I guess I must have forgotten about it but believe me, I was too glad to have found it now! I quickly shot over to YouTube to find the easiest DIY paint night tutorial when I stumbled upon The Art Sherpa’s channel. OMG talk about gorgeous paintings! I new almost instantly this was not going to be a mommy and son paint party but rather a, “I’m painting this and you can sit over there and draw tic tac toe”. The artist’s name is Cinnamon Cooney and she has the sweetest personality. Before each painting she scribbles intentions onto her canvas and then blends it in with a damp paint brush. Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m am all about asking the universe for what you want and being ready to receive it so I loved Ms. Cinnamon straight out of the gate!

I poked around her channel for a bit until I found a painting I thought I’d be able to easily complete. Lucky for me, The Art Sherpa’s channel breaks down the skill level needed to complete each painting so I kept my butt over in the beginners section and settled on following her guide to painting the, Easy Aurora Borealis Acrylic painting. Now I know what you’re thinking…What’s Boog going to paint? Well obviously he was not interested in painting what I wanted to paint so he chose a sun and moon canvas we had laying around and also decided to freestyle on a blank canvas.

Finally, we’re ready to do this! As I transform my kitchen into a makeshift art studio, I couldn’t help but think – If any of this gets on my kitchen floor, I’ll never hear the end of it. Not wanting to convince my husband that there’s zero chance of paint ending up on the floor, I decide to place old newspapers beneath our kitchen table. Now my kitchen looks like an art studio if a parakeet decorated it. We both take our seats, I hit play on my laptop, and we begin our paintings. Fast forward about 45 min and let’s just say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…LOL.

I’m going to blame my finished product disaster on the fact that my paint quality was crappy and I didn’t have some of the colors used in the tutorial. I really wish I had the pink color because I think it wouldn’t have look as funky. Boog on the other hand had a great time painting buildings and trees and I guess that’s really all that matters. Well, that and the fact that he hadn’t raided the snack cabinets for almost an hour!

Mama mission accomplished!

What are you doing to keep your child(ren) busy and the creative juices flowing during this mass quarantine? I’d like to know! Share down below or shoot me a message on Instagram @WithLove_Meek. I can use all the tips I can get during the next 2-3 weeks!

Until next time,

With Love,


Look Mom, I’m a blogger!

Oh My Gawd, I really did it!

Excuse me while I shout out loud over my decision to FINALLY launch my personal blog!  If you only knew how long I labored over this decision, consulted with business partners, and flat out scared myself out of just DOING THIS.  I’m so used to following protocol and doing everything by the book both in my work life and business life that I was literally craving an avenue where I could just be me, off script and off schedule.  A little nook in this giant world that was all my own. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my branding and marketing business when I had it (Oh wait, some of you might not know that version of Temica…lol. I’ll share more about that later) but I was growing bored with following industry protocol, creating low content-high fluff offers as lead magnets, and subscribing to every platform known to online entrepreneurs that promised to make automation easier and conversions higher.  Insert Viola Davis rolling her eyes GIF. LOL. Simply put…I was over it.

So I decided to take a hiatus from my business and began to research…well… blogs!  The different types, styles, engagement rates, industry leaders, etc.  I won’t lie, through my research I’ve found that blogging was way more in-depth that I had originally assumed.  I commend those that have been blogging for years and even decades!  Fingers crossed, I’ll be joining those ranks in the future but for now I’m taking it one post at a time.

Now I know what you’re wondering, what can you expect from With Love, Meek?  Well, whatever I want!…. Psych, no seriously.  I’ll be sharing just about any and everything I think will inspire my readers to live an unapologetic life through my personal experience with, fashion, food, fitness, family and flights!  I’m serving myself first from a full cup and I hope my blog inspires my readers to do the same. 

So go ahead and subscribe to be sure you don’t miss my next post and follow my Instagram page @WithLove_Meek so you don’t miss my daily shenanigans…LOL.  

See you soon.

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