So I gave my 10-year-old son a hacksaw

Well… how else was he going to cut down our Christmas tree?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My family and I have whipped out our Christmas decorations and are ready to transform our home’s interior for the next 30 days. But first, we need to purchase our Christmas tree. During my entire childhood and part of my adult life I’ve always decorated a fake Christmas tree. In fact, I didn’t purchase my first Fraser Fir until I was married. So this year, it was a no-brainer that my family and I would, once again, purchase a real tree. Only this time, instead of buying our tree from our local Home Depot’s garden center, my husband decided we should visit a tree farm and try our hand at chopping down our own tree. 

We drove close to an hour to Evergreen Acres tree farm in Nokesville, VA. My husband wanted to make sure we weren’t stuck with Charlie Brown Christmas trees to choose from, so we made sure to visit on their opening day of the season. Imagine my surprise when I realized that a few hundred people had the same idea! Although the tree farm was packed there was still plenty of room to move around which made the experience more comfortable. 

We parked our pick-up and were ready to pick out our tree. There were 3 sections – each filled with White Pines, Fraser Fir, and Norway Spruce trees. To get to these sections you could either walk or hitch a ride on an uncovered trailer. Guess which option we chose? Yup, you guessed it. So while riding on this uncovered trailer, I was mildly terrified because my legs were dangling over the edge. I couldn’t stop thinking about the crime scene that would make the evening news if I were to fall off…LOL.  Thankfully, we all made it safely. 

Off the trailer and into the thick of it, we began to check out our options. In the past, we’d always purchase a Fraser Fir but the section we entered had dozens of White Pines lined in the front. I liked these much more because they had a wispy look and were very full. We didn’t have to walk around long before we found the perfect tree and Boog was quick to whip out his hacksaw! 

While my husband and I coached him through the process we realized we should have brought chairs and latte’s because it was going to be a while, LOL. After a few minutes and Boog repeatedly pleading for help, my husband began to saw the opposite side of the tree leaving nothing but it’s stump behind. 

With the tree in tow, we loaded and boarded the uncovered trailer once more and I found my ‘happy place’ to prevent myself from hyperventilating on the short ride back. Once we offloaded the trailer, the checkout line moved faster than Chick-Fil-A! A team quickly moved in to complete the tree shaking, netting and loading of our tree. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. As a final ‘sweet’ touch, we were given complementary hot apple cider and encouraged to walk the grounds and take in the view. The adjacent country inn store sold flights of beer and snacks while outside they sold BBQ fresh off the grill. We didn’t dine on-site this time but if we return next year, we’ll be sure to make a day of it. 

Until next time,

~With Love, Meek

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