Look Mom, I’m a blogger!

Oh My Gawd, I really did it!

Excuse me while I shout out loud over my decision to FINALLY launch my personal blog!  If you only knew how long I labored over this decision, consulted with business partners, and flat out scared myself out of just DOING THIS.  I’m so used to following protocol and doing everything by the book both in my work life and business life that I was literally craving an avenue where I could just be me, off script and off schedule.  A little nook in this giant world that was all my own. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my branding and marketing business when I had it (Oh wait, some of you might not know that version of Temica…lol. I’ll share more about that later) but I was growing bored with following industry protocol, creating low content-high fluff offers as lead magnets, and subscribing to every platform known to online entrepreneurs that promised to make automation easier and conversions higher.  Insert Viola Davis rolling her eyes GIF. LOL. Simply put…I was over it.

So I decided to take a hiatus from my business and began to research…well… blogs!  The different types, styles, engagement rates, industry leaders, etc.  I won’t lie, through my research I’ve found that blogging was way more in-depth that I had originally assumed.  I commend those that have been blogging for years and even decades!  Fingers crossed, I’ll be joining those ranks in the future but for now I’m taking it one post at a time.

Now I know what you’re wondering, what can you expect from With Love, Meek?  Well, whatever I want!…. Psych, no seriously.  I’ll be sharing just about any and everything I think will inspire my readers to live an unapologetic life through my personal experience with, fashion, food, fitness, family and flights!  I’m serving myself first from a full cup and I hope my blog inspires my readers to do the same. 

So go ahead and subscribe to be sure you don’t miss my next post and follow my Instagram page @WithLove_Meek so you don’t miss my daily shenanigans…LOL.  

See you soon.

With Love,


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